Sunday, 18 September 2011

Partial Decoding of Martian Scipt!

Evidence of ancient martian script has existed since 1891, but all attempts at decoding the language have, up until now, completely failed.

Various attempts at locating a martian 'Rosetta stone' with mutilple rovers having been landed on the planets surface have not been able to locate any usable information.

It seems, however, that the necessary tools were found millennia ago. Working under the assumption that martian is a recursive language, researchers were able to search for common patterns using the Upellurior.

Results have been extremely limited, but this still represents the first time in decades than any progress has been made. The text being studied, in its original transcription is shown below.

The number references correspond to the following:

635 - Departed
637 - however
634 - worn-out

Researchers refused to speculate as to the meaning of the martian text, but an atmosphere of optimism was palpable in the air as countless hours of hard work, and millions in research dollars finally begin to pay off.

Commentary and further updates will be posted around the clock as they come in.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

frobenius is the monodromy

The following information has just been released from an unnamed source, reproduced here in its original list form. Particularly revealing is the use of the future tense in the last statement (bold and font size added by the publisher).

  • frobenius is an interesting dead white male
  • frobenius is 25 ft east and 30 feet north of the tree
  • frobenius is something like complex conjugation'
  • frobenius is congruent to p
  • frobenius is a morphism f
  • frobenius is dolgozhatunk
  • frobenius is of order n and therefore the scalar ae is an n
  • frobenius is a group subscheme of the kernel of multiplication by p in a
  • frobenius is intimately related to the number of points on the curve and the number of divisors in j
  • frobenius is extant
  • frobenius is to propose an infinite series w

Listen to what you ate in Taurus being digested

The phonograph, which has already been employed in some exceptional cases, like that of Le Baron, will doubtless some day render inestimable service to this kind of study, but it leaves much still to be desired at the present moment, from the point of view of its practical utilization in the case of subjects not in their right mind, who are not easily manageable, and who will not remain quiet long enough while uttering their unusual words to allow the instrument to be adjusted and made ready.

Thursday, 15 September 2011


Frobenius gave us 'Paideuma', "the tangle or complex of the inrooted ideas of any period."

His sense of the soul of a culture was so strong that he could "read" a shard of pottery and give a accurate guess as to what those long-dead peoples believed, the  their view of the cosmos, gods, and other Big Ideas.

Yet a search of a Hebat dictionary returns a value of 483 returns only 4 values:
  • Begin
  • Constellations, the Sphere of the Zodiac
  • Detestable
  • Horde
Despite being notoriously opaque regarding most matters there would seem to be few interpretations of such an ominous definition.

Frobenius was buried at coordinates: 6 37 44.05S, 31 08 09.49E. Regular monitoring of the burial site is impossible due to unexplained radio interference, but the few images that are able to be gathered reveal unusual amounts of activity warranting further investigation (see image below).