Thursday, 15 September 2011


Frobenius gave us 'Paideuma', "the tangle or complex of the inrooted ideas of any period."

His sense of the soul of a culture was so strong that he could "read" a shard of pottery and give a accurate guess as to what those long-dead peoples believed, the  their view of the cosmos, gods, and other Big Ideas.

Yet a search of a Hebat dictionary returns a value of 483 returns only 4 values:
  • Begin
  • Constellations, the Sphere of the Zodiac
  • Detestable
  • Horde
Despite being notoriously opaque regarding most matters there would seem to be few interpretations of such an ominous definition.

Frobenius was buried at coordinates: 6 37 44.05S, 31 08 09.49E. Regular monitoring of the burial site is impossible due to unexplained radio interference, but the few images that are able to be gathered reveal unusual amounts of activity warranting further investigation (see image below).

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